fab 50s men

There should be more manly glamorous website featuring men’s fashion. While I did stumble on a few, they seem to focus more on gay beefcakes than regular joes, and especially, not the fashion. My man here knows enough to make himself look sharp o any given day, however when it comes to styling him in vintage 50s fashion for the wedding, this is where I hit the hump.

This makes me all the more determined to find the inspiration I need.

I think this looks cute. This is my wedding colour theme. Picture this on him.

Freestyle Bow Tie for Men Chocolate Blue Dots

from MeandMatilda@Etsy

Though this vintage Rockabilly Regal Plaid tie will probably work too.

Vintage 50s Black White and Pink Rockabilly Regal Plaid Tie

from opendoorclothing@Etsy

Not exactly Rock N’ Roll, but I like these photos from Mad Men.

and these look pretty good as well!


Taken from http://www.dawwud.com/ Photography: HUNTER & GATTI Styled by: Beñat Yanci Make up & Hair Stylist: Paco Garrigues (TALENTS) Stylist assistants: Maria F. Castro, Miguel Angel Serrano Production: Hunter & Gatti Model: Milan Krouzil@Traffic models

These guys are really generous on the hair gel/shoe shine huh!

And here’s looking at how real men dress in that era gone by.

James Dean

Hank Marvin

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

Not a bad decade huh!

That’s enough for tonight! I shall end this yummy post with this look on Stefan’s face when he was delivered yet another Tailor’s Brutal Truth by his conscientious tailor uncle.

He was going to bite his head off.

Sweet Dreams!


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