an icelandic wedding

This is simply G-O-R-G-EOUS!

see, rain isn't so bad! Light and misty is the best

Pictures taken via Ruffled

Icelandic photographer Bragi Þór Jósefsson took these tender gladdening photos of couple Echo and Rich from Michigan at their intimate Icelandic chapel wedding. This is exactly what I would do if I could afford the airfare to send my precious few to my wedding far and away. Yes… this would had been enough…

My travels over the years have brought me to the places below, which had left deep enough impressions on me to want to have my own wedding there.

Church of the Good Shepherd by Lake Takapo, NZ. Photo is taken from Jo@flickr. I would had used my own photos if I have not carelessly left my memorycard (with millions other photos worth keeping) in my old phone which I forgotten in a mall toilet.

Silverstone B&B in Lancaster, Penn.

Dún Aengus, Inish-more. The "Acropolis of Aran". ok, maybe I shouldn't risk guests being blown over the cliffs, but here, this west, separated by the ocean, I can see New York! (ok, this is in my mind, but hey, it IS over the horizon!)

What are your wedding destinations?


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