veil you be mine?

“Strangely enough, this is the past that somebody in the future is longing to go back to” – Ashleigh Brilliant

Have you ever wondered why the grass is always greener on the other side and that when you’re doing Task A, you long to do Task B. And when Task B is at hand, Task A seems more attractive.

Somewhere today, I was having this moment. And I’m pretty sure I’ll have one of these episodes again in the ‘morrow. Well, I shan’t attempt to answer this perpetual dissatisfaction of Mankind nor elaborate on how Procrastination may be the direct result of this dilemma. I suspect I won’t do a good job at that nor are you interested to delve into, this being my wedding blog and all.

How about some hairdos? I have been hating my hair recently that I can’t help but let my thoughts dribble itself to some pretty hairdos. Timing seems about right, I just contacted a Hair and Makeup Artist, Gin Tan, it’s been long overdue… Please, Gin, please block the date for me? pretty please??

The Bandeau Poof with Silk Flower and Swarovski Crystal from FascinatingCreations@Etsy

Double Anemone Silk Flower fascinator from MyRakim@Etsy

Snow White Hairpiece from Sewperlative

from Jessica Monnich's Blog

Side-Swirl Birdcage Veil in TULLE from FascinatingCreations@Etsy

from Jane Taylor Millinery

Snow White hat from Boring Sidney@Etsy

from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Tasia- Ivory marabou feather fascinator with detach birdcage veil from VelvetOwl@Etsy

Miah- Ivory bridal bow fascinator and detach birdcage veil from Velvet Owl@Etsy

I know I’m getting carried away… though these doesn’t seem quite enough. Tell me what you think, vote for your favourite style… on me of course!

Links are attached to individual pictures, simply click on them to go to the source, have fun!


3 thoughts on “veil you be mine?

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