one way or another…

100mm of rainwater fell on us between 0800 – 1100 blankie-cosy hrs this morning. Big news today: 3-day old Wendy’s at Liat Tower shared a private pool with its neighbours, flashy cars got stuck in flooded carparks and passengers were evacuated from their buses. Am I glad that I took the day off today!

Here’s why:

1) My bus-that-never-arrive-anyway may gain another excuse of not reaching on time.

from 2) I may have been one of them, only, I'll be sharing the bench with 20 others given the morning rush hour

3) Cascading waterfall may be waiting for me at the tunnel exit where I took almost every morning to get to the bus stop – who knows where I would had end up!

4) I wouldn’t have thought to bring my swimsuit if I had left the house this morning for work.

Orchard Road, 16 June 2010 : unseen of since 1984!

Then again, my day hasn’t been fruitful, save for bb’s. He got his first suit fitting at Che Yi Lao (his excellent tailor), bagged a steal at our favourite store, lusted after ‘the perfect suit’ that he didn’t buy (I suspect his bout of sickening chills he got after that was due to the wrenching fact that he didn’t get that suit) and bought a pair of rocking sneakers for the wedding.

I was supposed to have had my first fitting, bought a pair of gloves, visited and shortlisted a number of locations for my photoshoot. None of the mentioned was realised. Just my luck.

One way or another, this Chanel Fall/Winter 2010/2011 fashion show is SO today.

Dipping temperature, wet and flooded – If only all of us can still look this good in real life.

Am I feeling indulgence? For the lack of satisfaction in today’s outcome, I am finding comfort and inspiration in Karl Lagerfeld’s genius. Here’s another video presenting the details of the Chanel Paris Shanghai Show last year.

All that subtlety and seemingly wantonness, conjuring up an urban atmosphere of old/new – world romanticism… wong-kar-wai-ly brilliant!

( to bb, thank you for spending this day with me, I still love sharing our time together – bad day and otherwise!)


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