a chalkboard has 2 face

It’s nearing mid June and coming early July, we are going to stage our own engagement/wedding shoot… only, we are super under-prepared! Location is still a blur and wardrobe is a near non-existence. This is what we actually have done:

1) Bought spanky new camera lens, 50mm f1.4.

2) Got myself a poofy singing waitress skirt.

3) I have completed my hand bouquet… not very happy with it, but it will do though bb had given me a hearty pat and commended a job well-done.

4) Got ourselves the best button-pusher, miss big-shot editor auntie rosie!

5) and this one prop using these:

a chalkboard from Artfriend, dollies and japanese fabric tape

and this is what turned out using good old trusty white handicraft glue.

and because the chalkboard is dual-sided, I am able to create 2 looks with one prop!

total cost: aprox. S$1.40


2 thoughts on “a chalkboard has 2 face

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