sorry this took some time…

I am elated to announce that I have finally completed Adrian’s and Samantha’s wedding video! I had such fun editing it that I was chuckling to myself several times. Adrian and Sam, you two truly belong to each other and I am so happy that you have found each other! The world is not that small, you know!

However, the work is not finished yet. I have yet to start on piecing the raw footages together and I am still deciding what kind of treatment I should give it. So my dear friends, I’m afraid you will still have to wait a couple of weeks before I can meet up with the both of you with the DVD!

For the rest of you lovelies, I would love to share this video with you once I got permission!

And signing off….

is the latest wedding videographer in town! ( Further bookings are not possible as I have decided that this is going to be my one last great masterpiece before retiring to a life of mundanes )


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