24/7 wedding planner on call

taken from Estethia @Flickr

I’m not big on iPhone.

Never a fan. Never will be.

It’s not you, iPhone, you’re just so not me.

I am, however, planning a wedding. While I prefer to have my own inspiration folder in the shape of a birthday notebook and some random pictures in my W folder on my lappie, most, I suspect, will prefer everything in one nifty package – an iPhone.

I came across iWedding recently and thought it really useful. It’s feature-packed with To-do lists, Budget Planning, Notes, Photos, wedding vendors (music, wedding dress, photographers, hotels… etc) recommendation, Guest lists, Seating Plans and so the list goes on. And like most iPhone apps, this smart wedding planner also integrates itself with Twitter and Facebook. With Maps, you can even find your nearest wedding businesses from your current or from a set location… man! Did I just type all that? I mean the features are just endless and if I continue further, those who know me will believe I was abducted by Mr Jobs and put through some geeky brainwash machine the size of an iPhone 4G.

It’s just a pretty cool app.

Soon, brides (maybe also grooms, maybe) won’t be able to live without it. God bless their iPhones.


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