reduce, reuse, reumbrella

Isn’t this a nice rainy day…

If you are in Shibuya, head for any participating cafes, bookstores or shops in the Shibukasa Umbrella Rental Project to rent a brolly for nothing! An extension of the MOTTAINAI Umbrella Project where celebrities design umbrellas and put them up for sale as an effort to discourage the use of disposable plastic umbrellas which end up being trashed after one use. These disposable umbrellas amount to 90% of 100 million umbrella sales each year in Japan alone. A waste of resources and a nasty littering problem, if you ask me.

So what’s cool about Shibukasa is that, not only folks like you and me can continue shopping in Shibuya in the rain, when you return the brolly back to the stores, you receive a coupon of 50r (5oyen) to be used in any of the participating outlets! And another would-be drenched shopper will benefit from your returned brolly. It’s a win-win situation!


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