UOB card holders listen up! Check your mailbox for invite to their ION store for an exclusive preview sale and get additional discount with your card too!

My mailbox was empty 😦

On the other hand, my ring box is stocked! Stefan went to collect it this evening and is extremely satisfied with how it turned out. His is with me, we engraved a little message each on each other’s wedding band which is to remain an absolute secret till… actually, we haven’t figured that part out yet. Most likely, our ring-bearer will be the one to read them first!

And then there is Shoe Shopping…

Left: Salvatore Ferragamo peep toe pumps Right: Christian Louboutin Tahiti

I have pretty much fallen in love with these two. I think they will go with my wedding dress.

My birthday’s coming, kindly for your info. *wink*


8 thoughts on “shoes!

    • Looks like everybody likes the white one… I can’t get the turquoise one now.. not locally anyway, out of my size 😦 the white one… hmm. should i??

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