Gown Inspiration board

I am still reeling from my experience at my seamstress’ this afternoon. The trip confirmed my suspicion…

.. I need to lose weight!!!

5 months. God help me.

( clockwise from top left: Vera Wang ; Sophia Moncielli ; Suzanne Ermann ; The Marin County at Dolly Couture ; The Los Cabos at 50s Style Wedding Blog ; Joan Shum )

I drew my inspiration for my gown design mostly from these gorgeous gowns above and good advise-from-experience from my darling girl. I love the bodice of the Sophia Moncielli, the ruffles on the Vera Wang, the whimsical fun of Suzanna Ermann and the dress line of the Joan Shum, though my end result will most probably look like The Los Cabos. Well, at least that’s for now! My seamstress is going to make me a mock-up first before we go ahead with the real thing, and that’s probably somewhere in June! So watch this space!

I’m still open to ideas, do drop me a comment if you have one, or two!


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