Much ado about rabbits

I want to share with you the hair-raising phenomenon that happened with Ash the black bunny.

Rabbits shed fur, that’s a given. I have had fur flying in all directions, fur on my clothes, and even has a cage that looks furry when shedding season comes around. But NEVER this:

These fur lined themselves nicely round the 2 outer sides of the cage. Notice how its completely clean inside and nothing sticks to the bars? And everyday they just grow thicker and thicker until they got vacuumed up. I’m not complaining, this is way neater and I can use these for my felting! —

For this year’s Valentine’s, I made this for Stefan. The 2 rabbits are made by a technique called needle felting. Using barbed needle to sculpt, the barbs on the needle catch the scales on the fibre and push them through layers of wool, tangling them and binding them together. Hypothetically speaking, the white rabbit represents Stefan while the peppery grey one’s me. Why Salt & Pepper, you may ask. Simply put, it’s our initials and reflects our taste preference (and probably our character too!). The backstory of how we got our 2 real-life rabbits, one black and one white, is that, one day when we were still innocent best pals, Stefan decided to get a rabbit. He picked the cute little white one and that was supposed to be the end of the story. But me at that time looked at that puny little vulnerable (now ferocious) baby bun and thought, what a poor thing, you need a companion. And so it goes I picked the most attractive one I see and bought it for Mocha ( the white bun). Theoretically, I’m Ash’s rightful owner and Stefan is the surrogate.

Back to where I was, the frame is handmade using a cardboard box from something I bought and covered in scrap material. Wanting to go eco-friendly (and cheapskate) all the way, I also personalised a container to go with the gift.

This was previously a almond container before I recycled it with personalised labels. I used one of the labels I found here, added my own text and illustrations and printed them out on a piece of paper. The pink paper shreddings’ previous life served as part of a previous project I was working on. They helped to hide the picture frame so that it won’t be that obvious when I presented it to Stefan, though the real reason was the same as why I bought Ash; I thought the frame looked lonely inside the container.

In case you were wondering, no I did not really make those rabbits with Ash’s fur.


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