new hair of head

Day 2 of having curls. Frankly speaking, I need some getting used to, though I really love feeling how my hair bounces! So if you have been good and following my posts, you’d know that I’d promised to post pictures, so here goes:

caught iphone-handed!

Do you think this will become the Look of the Year? Make your silent judgment and look at the real stars of the picture above. Iphone with all its features and wonders have rendered 3 healthy young males incapable of having basic social skills. Hello, there’s 2 live humans sitting beside you, stop looking at your phones! And aren’t you supposed to work? Gotcha!

While I’m really having a ball of a time with that look, my hairstylist decided it’s safer for me to look like this:

my back view

here with Stefan

I shall not delve into how badly I need a shampoo now. Thank you very much.


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