The Mystic Wonder of Cleaning Solutions.

If you had seen my Tiffany Somerset Ring, you’d probably not remember it, that is, if your mind was already imprinted with the image of the exact same model in its store glass display, pure and sparkly. In the short 2 years that I had (and wore) it,  the ring had stringed itself along with its owner’s penchant for rugged durability and lackadaisicalness. It doesn’t care if it exchanged its silvery for nickel-dull, nor if its edges looked a bit tarnished. Some days, it glimmered, just to make my spirits soar for a bit. I reckon it has lost its bright but not its pride.

If you have been shamelessly sneaky in Facebook, you’d know that last week we got Stefan’s wedding band at Tiffany’s (by the way, Tiffany & Co. believes in being environmentally and socially responsible. They maintain their transparency on their precious metal mining policy and also ensure the use of conflict-free diamonds.)

Stefan's oh-so-pretty wedding band

Stefan suggested that since the wedding band is going to be sent for engraving, I might as well pay $30 to have my pretty (literally and descriptively) sturdy ring for polishing.

And so I did!

Then over the weekend, we attended our friends’ wedding dinner at Four Seasons Hotel. I was the guest Videographer though I am no professional whatsoever, nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of following Adrian and Sam around on their big day. ‘Wild’ was not a word I’d use to describe Adrian but I had since discovered that as an apt adjective for him. Needless to say, I was both tickled and coping to contain my shock most of the day.

The dinner was an intimate one of 11 tables, by the end of the day, I think I knew everybody. There was this girl, sitting at the next table behind me, whom I’d noticed earlier because of her outstandingly beautiful dress. It was long and flowing, with splashes of light, ethereal watercolour-like hues. Halfway through the dinner, there was a shriek and I turned around to see a mini waterfall of red wine flowing from the table down to that very dress. In the moment when she briefly excused herself to go to the washroom, I thought, it’s a goner – the dress’s ruined with a superfluous dye of magenta.

Not meaning to be impertinent, I saw her in the washroom and instinctively asked her about the dress, but as the words were coming out of my mouth, I could see that the dress was spotless. In reply, she said that the Four Seasons staff had came in to help her clean up in no time at all and had sprayed the stain with some kind of (in my own opinion) magic solution. Poof! went the unwanted splashes and the dress was good as new. As we walked out of the bathroom together, instead of walking straight into the ballroom, this girl made a detour into a small room by the side where I saw a staff or two all ready to give the last touches of service excellence with a hairdryer.

There is something to be praised about Four Season Hotel’s attention to details in terms of their immaculate service. Apart from this little episode, I had observed during the beginning of the dinner service when I asked for a glass of wine, I was also offered a cup of hot tea. Hardly one to voluntarily down a hot beverage, I rejected the offer. Mere minutes later, a different waitress came round and diligently poured hot tea into my empty cup before I had the chance to refuse. Naturally I said my thank-yous and think nothing more of it. Shortly after, the same waitress came to me and, to my delight, smilingly exchanged the cup of hot tea for a glass of warm water. Evidently, communication was made, anticipation and prediction came into the picture and an alternative was born. All these without me making any request. I love it that their staff knows their serving etiquette and still put heart into their job.

Back to my Tiffany ring, I got it back before a week was up and may I say that whatever they did to my ring took my breath away when Stefan took it out of the pouch to show me. It’s WHITE now! More brilliant than I ever seen it, so precious now that it’s almost fragile or so it appear. Cindy Darling can say all she likes about her $12 silver polish solution, I choose to believe in the magic behind Tiffany’s.



the one that got its shine back


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