50s + Rock n Roll + wedding

White with an accent of Turquoise. Does that make sense?

Taken from eLuckyMe

I got this from my W folder, can't remember where I got it from initially, if anybody know where this belongs to, i'll be happy to add it in

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and miss the bull’s eye. When you browse through pages and pages of pretty weddings online and indecisive as me, it’s a  real problem. I’m now wondering if everything is an optical illusion, or if I’m really seeing funky stripy colours dancing before me.

Problem is, I want them all!

Therefore, this is when this post comes in handy. I’m now creating this so that whenever I feel myself going off the track into distraction disaster, I’ll come back to this page and remember that I should stick to my theme!

We are gonna be in 1950s, on a day music still lives and nobody has heard of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” yet. Free rein to the musicians (musicians go wild!! (save for List of banned songs)). Maybe we will see Elvis, maybe not. But I expect slick hair’do and lotsa twisting!

Love the black lacey gloves and Buddy Holly specs!

Taken from Ruffled

Let’s be teetotalers.

Taken from The Vintage Party

Naw… let’s not, really


2 thoughts on “50s + Rock n Roll + wedding

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